NZHawk’s Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0 Released

NZHawk over at PS3Hax has released an app titled Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0. This app allows you to select any folder to load your backups from. No longer are you restricted to LAUN12345/GAMEZ. A quote from NZHawk after the jump.

Download Link:

So , after a few days messing with the SDK, I have now created my first homebrew app for the PS3.

This Awsome MountPoint Manager is pretty much like the existing backup manager, with one major difference! You can choose any folder on any device on you PS3 to use as the mounted disk.

I wanted to mess around with the SDK that was ‘avaliable’ and it was a good learning curve! (Pretty much the first time ive coded in C++) and it was a challenge! (24 hours with no sleep )

How to Use?

1. Download and install my app
2. Browse to the location that you store your PS3 backups (does not have to be LAUN12345/GAMEZ anymore!)
3. Make sure you have highlighted the folder that CONTAINS the game to be mounted (Not inside the game folder!)
4. Press the right button on the D-Pad
5. Double check that you have selected the folder that CONTAINS the game!! Then press the right D-Pad button again.
6. The app will now exit to the XMB, and you *should* see the game where the Blu Ray Game usually is


Will this brick my PS3 like that fake psp emulator?
Im not that mean :P, So no.

X3 Max Team Now Selling X3Switch for PS3 Slim

The X3 Max team has noticed an inconvenience PS3 Slim users are facing. Unlike PS3 Fat users, Slim users must unplug their cord every time they want to jailbreak their console. This is due to the lack of an on off switch on the back of Slim models. However, that inconvenience is eliminated with the arrival of the x3Switch. The x3Switch is a small device with an on-off switch, that plugs into your PS3 Slim and your power cord. This allows the user to turn off their Slim, prior to jailbreaking, without the need to unplug the cord. The product is going on sale for a suggested retail price of $19.90 and is shipping to retailers now. Quote and Q&A from the x3 team after the jump. Pictures courtesy of Logic-Sunrise

Environmently friendly saving Energy by completely turns off all power that the PS3 Slim would use

Protects your PS3 Slim power connector from wear and tear
Updates the PS3 Slim to have the same ON/OFF feature as the older PS3s (Fat) have by default.
Conveniently locate ON/OFF switch that fits securely to the back of your PS3 Slim.
The X3Switch is a quality designed and manufactured product.

Q1. What are the benefits of using the X3 Switch on my PS3 Slim?
A. X3 Switch completely disables power that currently your PS3 Slim is using while even turned off. With the X3 Switch in the OFF position no power is being comsumed by the PS3

Q2. How does the X3 Switch save from wear and tear on my PS3 Slim?
A. X3 Switch will save wear and tear by plugging in directly to the power port in the back of your PS3 Slim. This way you would not have to remove the power cord from your PS3 Slim only from the X3 Switch or just turn if off. Then turn it on the next time you want to use your PS3 Slim.

Q3. So the X3 Switch would be just like adding a switch like the PS3 (old Fat) systems have?
A. Yes, that was exactly one of the reasons the X3 Switch was made to replace a feature that was left off of the PS3 Slim.

Q4. How well does the X3 Switch attach to my Ps3 Slim?
A. The X3 Switch was designed to fit tightly, securely and align up evenly with your PS3 Slim.

PS3 Game Ripper v1.0 Released

Are you trying to slim down your ps3 games to fit on a DVD-R or just to save some space on your hard drives? Well [Lande] has released a PC app to help you do just that. The app known as PS3 Game Ripper will detect foreign languages, dummy files, update pups, and other rippable files. A full translated quote from and translation of app’s options after the jump. download: PS3 Game Ripper v1 (4.69MB)
added: 27/09/2010
clicks: 872
description: PS3 Game Ripper v1 – Rip unnecessary files from your games

PS3 Game Ripper 1.0 Lande known worldwide for the PSP its UMDRiPPER, recidivism by creating a utility to Rip his games very easily. The application will be used primarily to reduce the size of your iso. It automatically detects files such as:

– (S) file (s) *. M2TS
– (S) file (s) *. MTS
– (S) file (s) *. AT3
– Languages
– Dummy files
– The *. PUP

PS3 Game Ripper v1.0

And will thus remove unwanted files per user. This version is in Spanish (and very easy to use)

Translation of PS3 Game Ripper v1.0′s buttons and options courtesy of PSX-Scene

TuneUp Utilities 2010: migliore di Ccleaner?

TuneUp Utilities 2010

Coloro che ne capiscono un pò di Computer o di Informatica in generale avranno sicuramente provato o sentito parlare del famoso programma CCleaner, che spesso è tra i più utilizzati per fare una completa pulizia del proprio Sistema. Ma oggi voglio presentarvi un’alternativa davvero valida, che può tranquillamente anche SOSTITUIRE il Software sopra descritto: TuneUp Utilities 2010.

TuneUp è una suite completissima di applicazioni per poter fare ogni operazione fondamentale di manutenzione sul proprio computer, a partire dalla pulizia dei file temporanei fino alla correzione dei problemi del Sistema passando per la personalizzazione dello stile grafico. Di seguito vi allego una immagine che riassume tutte le sue caratteristiche:

Caratteristiche TuneUp Utilities

A chi ancora non ce l’ha, consiglio assolutamente di utilizzarlo!